Perfect Skin On The Go

If you love your make up/skincare and travel often, it can be very impractical. Not only are you limited to only 100mL on your carryon, it can be very heavy just to bring your make up around! Being always on the go also means that you simply don’t have the time to do every make up trick in the book. From our own experiences with make up being taken off us (sobs), being overweight with our luggage and being on the go all the time, here our are hints and tips to looking flawless wherever you are in the world.


Drink plenty of water

We cannot stress enough how important it is to drink plenty of water whilst you travel. In everyday life you should be aiming to drink up to 2 litres of water! This requirement increases during travel especially on long haul flights. The air in the cabin of an airplane is recycled air and can seriously dehydrate your skin. The best way to get your H20 without bothering your flight attendants is to buy a big bottle of water after you have cleared security and refill during your flight. Drinking water will stop your skin from drying out and will have you looking fresh when you touchdown. Keep drinking plenty of water after you disembark your flight to help with the jetlag.


Have a Fresh Face During a Flight

If you are travelling more than 7 hours on a flight, it is best to take all your make up off. This will allow your skin to breathe. Bring some make up wipes with you in your carry on and use it as soon as you take off. Apply a hydrating moisturizer to protect your skin from the harsh elements of the airplane.


Buy Travel Size

Many reputable skin care brands have their products in a travel size. This will save some space and weight in your luggage. Keep the full size products at home. If they don’t come in a travel size, you can purchase empty cosmetic containers from Target and fill them up with your favourite skin care and hair care. A bonus is that these containers come in a clear, plastic case! One of our favourite products that is truly versatile is Boracay Skin’s Natural Sun & Body Oil. We use it as a sun oil to get a deep tan but also as a moisturizer as it nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated! Perfect for post flight or even after a beach session.


Keep it Simple

Use a tinted moisturizer and put a powder foundation on top. The tinted moisturizer minimizes putting moisturizer and foundation on into one step which saves time. Invest in getting your lashes done. Eyelash extensions mean you don’t have to curl and put mascara on and can make you look “done” without too much make up on. A slick of eyeliner, some lipstick and your look is good to go! If you’ve been on a long haul flight and have taken all your make up off, we usually re do our make up just before top of descent.