Q: Is this a self tanner?
A: Our body oils do not contain DHA so it will not tan your skin without sun. All of our oils do give a nice subtle glow and you can definitely apply it over fake tan as the oil is designed to keep skin supple, hydrated and moisturised!

Q: The shimmer is stuck to the bottom of the bottle. Why?
A: We do not use any harsh chemicals in our body oils and they are made with natural ingredients. This doesn't affect the way the product works. Just give it a good shake and get ready to glow!

Q: It is not as shimmery as I thought. Why?
A: We do not use glitter (say no to micro plastics) and instead use mica - a natural pearlescent mineral. The minerals will reflect in the light ie sunlight to give you that shimmery glow you're after! In low light, the shimmer may not be as visible.