Coconut based products that make you glow!

Inspired by the tropics, Boracay Skin are coconut based products that make you glow.

While on holidays on Boracay Island in the Philippines, Emille Mendoza, owner and founder of Boracay Skin, discovered the benefits of coconut oil, which helped her skin condition and assisted in fading scars. It was then when the idea of Boracay Skin evolved.

As an avid traveler and former flight attendant, Emille’s skin was always drying out from the harsh effects of cabin air and lotions were not giving her the moisturization her skin needed. She remembered the coconut oil she used while in the Philippines and created her own body oil.
Emille hopes to inspire others to commit to using vegan friendly skincare products and protecting animals from product testing. With the positive
effects on her skin and the feeling of escaping to a tropical island Emille is excited to share her product with sun chasers around the world.

Our range has now expanded with natural and shimmering body oils that all have the benefits of coconut oil!

Boracay Skin is proudly a vegan friendly company. No animal derived products or by-products are used in the formulation of our product.